Brave the Adventure

The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control and 360˚ visibility that will transform your riding experience. Motorcycles are developing faster than helmets. As a rider, you need more choices, to find the helmet that meets your needs. The CrossHelmet is designed to do just that with CrossSound Control, the industry’s first sound control function, 360˚ range of vision, Bluetooth connectivity, and a dedicated smartphone app that gives you complete control of your helmet with just one touch. Be connected, wherever you are.


    Get a 360° view of the road without having to turn your body, eliminating those blind spots you’ve gotten used to.


    Easily glanceable information such as route directions, weather, and time is displayed on the HUD, mounted on the front of the helmet interior.


    CrossHelmet’s unique noise control system reduces road noise to a safe level which helps reduce rider stress and fatigue while riding.


    LEDs are mounted on both sides of the helmet for increased safety and visibility while riding at night.

The future into reality

Within design and technology lies a power to change the way that people live. While attempting to combine design and technology into one, we work to develop products that bring our dream of the future into reality.


Driving information are displayed on the heads-up display, which is mounted on front of your eyes. Your riding experiences will be more comfortable than ever before. The navigation system works with GPS in your smartphone, and it shows your routes and destinations on the front. We believe rear vision is essential for all riders and will greatly increase rider safety. The CrossHelmet’s rear-view camera combined with its wide-view visor will allow you to see more of the road than ever before, eliminating blind spots.

CrossSound Control

The CrossHelmet’s unique noise control system, CrossSound Control is designed to enhance or reduce environmental sounds depending on the rider’s needs. With CrossSound, road and engine noise, often responsible for rider fatigue in urban environments, can be safely reduced. The system, controlled through the CrossHelmet app, can also enhance ambient noises in quiet environments in order to hear more whilst touring.


  • Navigation

    Our function integrates with Open Maps to ensure you can find the way to your destination no matter where you are, and you don’t need to switch between our app and the map you use on your smartphone as you travel.

  • CrossSound Control

    CrossSound Control -a first for the motorcycle industry- is designed to enhance or reduce environmental sounds depending on the rider’s needs. The rider can safely limit road and engine noise in urban environments that is often response for rider fatigue.

  • Group Talk

    You can pair your CrossHelmet with your phone. Our dedicated smartphone app gives you simple control of the CrossHelmet’s features. A group chat feature can be enabled when your bike is stationary so that you can communicate with multiple people at once whilst on tour.