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asked questions

When does the Crosshelmet ship?

Helmets will ship in Q4 2019. Our first batch will be shipped in August to
our very first Kickstarter backers.

Will there be VAT charges?

We’ve worked with our logistics partner to ensure that there will
be NO VAT charges for all backers in the EU.
Other countries are subjected to VAT.

Will the Crosshelmet function without a smartphone?

Absolutely! You can connect the built in speakers with any wireless device, while running your rear view through the HUD. Certain functions, such as the navigation and sound control will only be possible through our application, however (available for iOS and Android).

Does the Crosshelmet offer a warranty?

We cover repair costs on all production defects and electronic malfunctions for up to 2 years. Additionally, we’re offering a replacement program exclusively for the shell. If there is any damage or periodic replacement is needed, we’re able to do this at a greatly reduced fee.

What is the return policy on the CrossHelmet?

As we’re mid-development and all funding is being used for production, we’re unable to offer refunds on pre-orders. As for sizing issues, electronic defects, and major cosmetic issues, we will be able to offer exchanges to make sure your helmet is everything we’ve promised.

What if I have a passenger in the back seat?

The option to turn off the rear camera is easily accessible.
You’ll still have access to navigation, ride data, and all other functions.

Why not connect the camera feed to the backseat passenger?

We haven’t tested getting video feed from a rear passenger, but not being in direct control of the rear camera could lead to misinformation and possible motion sickness.

Will the CrossHelmet work with Windows phones?

Unfortunately, a Windows mobile app will likely not be available upon shipping.

Do any other webshops sell your product?

The CrossHelmet is only sold on and Indiegogo. Please beware, any other stores claiming to sell our product are scams. These sites are not authorized to use our images or sell our products.